Well, if it was war it would be one thing, however, invading nearby lands
and killing anyone (man woman or child) you come across regardless of age
or infirmity doesn't sound much like war to me...more like a slaughter..as
far as I'm concerned, this is still an evil act, but hey..everyone has an
opinion :)


> Who says the Gheallie Shien(sorry about spelling)...is about Torturing...?
> It's just when war happens, or come into our neck of the woods...kill
> 'em..."kill em all".
> After all, these humans do breed like rabbits, and that mother will produce
> a herd of the little humans who then in a single blink of the eye.....grow
> up to be elf slayers and abusers......
> It's war.....an elf can't afford to be nice...because to an immortal
> elf...that 15 years it takes for a new born to pick up an axe...is just a
> few minutes or hours...to you and me......