Of Ships and the Sea written by Kieth Francis Strohm.

This book is a decently large soft cover which describes naval warfare,
ship sizes, types, and movement rates..etc...

The book also details spells -wizardly, and priestly inaddition the
material covers new spells also both mage and priestly. Rangine from 1st
level to 7th for mage and 1st level to 7th for Priest.
Details magical effects and items workability under water.
Introduces spell lists that work under water.
Spell books under water/components underwater.
It introduces a new underwater wizard kit.
Weapons underwater. Tables fro easy referance int he style of the PBH.
Swiming under water attacks.
Maximum depth each majpr race can dive. 200 feet for a gnome/halfing to
3700 feet for an Anguiliian.

Sound, speaking, and communication under water.
Tempertature and water visibility.

Rules for ship and fleet battles.
Ship formats in a easy referance chart:

Ship Name: Move: Seaworthiness: Pursuit: Manvuever class: Size:
carvel 12 18 1d6+4 1d6+1 L
Raming Factor: Defensive Class: Marines: Hull/Crippling-points:
0 A 20 54/54

As you can see many of the new classifications of ships follow the BR ship
conventions outlines in Naval Battle Rules/Cities of the Sun.

A caravel(as listed in Of Ships &Sea) has for eaxmple had the above stats.

Creatures with Ramming abilitities.
Crew Morale and making ship based Morale checks.
Boarding actions, ship repair, and effects of hull damage.
Missile/Artillery explained.
Encounter tables, coastlines and random sea events detailed.

Also Ship Drafts.....just how deep of water is required to sail your ship
up a river.....:-)
Cost for the ships and also included....Building Times.

If you want to do things at sea, on a river, near a body of water, or under
the waves...then I would recommend the product. Though with BR navel
vessels some modification would have to be done to the listed ships in
Ships and the Sea, as the book was not based from BR...(what?! How could
they!..? :-) )

But over all it is a decently through work.


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Well I am finally ordering the BoP and the Rjuvik Highlands from Amazon.com
and as some of
you may know, getting more at once is cheaper that in little spirts. Well
I was looking
around for an AD&D book that no one in my group had and came across one I
had never heard
of, Of Ships and the Sea. Does anyone else here know about the book? Is
it worth

Also, are there any books, BR or otherwise that are really worth getting?
I already have
the BoM, most Complete handbooks, arms & equipment, Cities of the Sun,
Blood Enemies, and
the Player's Option books.
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