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Again, I see this as active interest on the part of TSR/WotWC (or I guess it's
WotWC/TSR, isn't it?) about the setting.

Exactly! We have to remember that BR came out during the CRISIS and basically was poorly timed

A. Market it as a part of the core rules with the domain turns part of the
basic AD&D 3rd edition rules that are supposedly in development.
HUH????? Oh no! I just bought the CR2 for 2nd Edition!!! heheheh

C. Release things on the web. This is an area that I think these guys really
should look into. With the rerelease of the core rules on CD-ROM, I really
think the company formerly known as TSR should start thinking about releasing
stuff over the web using charge cards and RTF formats. Gobs of people have
credit cards and computers or can pilfer them from people who do. Especially
we demented gamer types. Why not generate some revenue from that website,
man? Amazon.com is HUGE, guys! Get a clue! One up them by allowing your
customers to download the product directly onto their PCs and charge them for

There's potential here but we also need to realize that it costs them money to take the text from any covered manual and change into RTF. Plus, the company probably knows that there are people purchasing the CR2 and handing out copies of the Hardcovers (from the CD) out to friends and others with a computer. They released Muden I believe to spark the interest in the setting, and most likely a one, of very few, going online.


So, in game terms, I would say: Anyone who is a ruler collects regency,
to the tune of their domain power. A person's Bloodline can *influence*
how effective you rule, by giving a bonus of (whatever we think is fair)
to their success roll. Say - +1 for every 10 bloodline points a person
has (rounded up)? Perhaps, a further modifer for the derivation of the
bloodline? Certain blood abilities, like Persuasion, might eliminate
the need for a success roll of course.

Does anyone else agree with my views?

Darren (who thinks this game rule would also explain how people ruled
BEFORE Deismaar")

This is a good point. As I was reading, I was just thinking of how it would be kind of neat that the people of the land run the blooded regents out of the ruling class out of fear 'cause a lone figure in town square convinced the people that their regent was an abomination. I think that's been done, but if it happened to ALL the regents, it COULD be utter chaos.

Just a thought.

From a fellow Canadian;o)