I have a lot of problems with a regent who can not get RP's from
a Temple actually creating a Temple holding. At best if I am a God
and an idiot tries to make a Temple in my name I am going to be
upset, not to mention the attitude the legitimate temples will take.

Create a Fake temple ? I don't think that one flies. But creating
one in the name of one of the dead gods would be the one way that
has a chance. That one would depend on what you think the heritors
of the old God would do. Even the Gorgon does so in the name of
Azrai, and do not know how or if the Serpent is working his thing.

Make no mistake I don't think it is a good idea to begin with. Added
to the clear evidence that no 0 level source holding can be created
that's 2 of the 4 regency types that are or should be exclusive.