I think we already touched on this topic a bit..some people (me being one
of them) think that no matter what the reason, and "evil" act is an "evil"
act. Kinda like them Christians using square bullets on the
heathens..just because somehting is acceptable at the time or for a good
reason doesn't make the act, or by extension, the person, and less evil
for doing it.


I disagree. Humans war on humanoids; dwarves and gobliniods are mortal
enemies when war occurs it's is war. Not one Lawful good dwarf would ever
get his alignment changed for attacking a group of goblins in his 'area'.
In BR Elves have humans as a species enemy. Humans are the dark race to
the elves.

The BR skills & powers update found in a recent dragon magazine, really
shines on this concept.

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