J. D. Lail wrote:

> >> >Craig Greeson said
> >I don't believe the BR rules in any way prevent any class from controlling
> >any type of holding. I know the BoM is very clear that non-wizards can
> >control sources, even though they can't tap their power.
> How bizzare, I think you are referring to a passage in the BoM which finally
> made the question of creating 0 level holdings clear to me. The Passage in
> the BoM pg 19 Col 2 clearly says that the only ways a non wizard regent can
> control a source are by; 1) inheritance or 2) having a wizard regent create
> a holding on their behalf. While the BoM does not make it 100 % clear that
> investiture is involved in the latter case it definitely means that a
> non-wizard can not create a 0 level source holding. Given that fact I see no
> reason to see why any regent can create holdings outside of their regency
> area(s) unless source holdings are for some reason to be treated differently.

Aha, there's our difference of opinion. I've always interpreted Source
holdings as being the only ones that a regent can't create and grow outside
their normal "sphere of influence". Sources are specialized enough that
they get special treatment among the 4 holding types IMC. IMO, thieves
should be able to create Law or (rarely) Temple holdings, wizards should be
able to create Law, Guild, or (again, rarely) Temple holdings, etc... How
do other people interpret this in their campaigns? Are landed wizard
regents powerless to expand their Law holdings?