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Thread: Troop Maximums

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    Troop Maximums

    It depends on the level of organization and communication. A Roman Legion,
    for example, was somewhere around 6000 (I'm using the figures from The Glory
    of Rome), plus auxilliaries. Several legions could be placed under a single
    commander. Granted, no Cerilian nation has the resources to do this sort of
    Also, nothing says that an invasion force need be under one commander. Say
    Boeruine invades Taeghas and kicks off the big war with Avanil. The Duke's
    knights, scouts, and other cavalry units sweep south under one commander
    through Portage, Bayside, and Seamist. The Duke's infantry is divided into
    two commands, to hold Portage and Wilder's Gorge; one command also keeps an
    eye on Rhuobhe. Finally, a third force sails from Seaharrow and Tariene to
    land troops at Stormpoint. One invasion, four commanders--all orchestrated by
    the Duke.

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    Troop Maximums

    Aaron Sanderson ( wrote:

    - ->> During the American Civil war for instance, I believe the Battle of
    - ->> Gettysburg/Monasis, (part 1) the Union forces numbered close to 70,000
    - ->> soldiers while the confederates held a number close to 40,000.

    - -> Those battles took place in a time when transportation, rail, was
    - -> avaible to move huge amounts of troops to the battle fields. For a
    - -> perspective on medieval battles check out the English-French Hundred
    - -> Years war. And most of the time the armies worked their way towards
    - -> each other until they made contact and then met at the nearest place
    - -> they felt was 'good ground'. This was true even in the time of the
    - -> Civil War.

    Somewhat later it wasn't unknown of battlefields where 40000-60000 fought
    against each other (the 30 years war) and that was before the railroad. If I
    don't remeber it all wrong, one of the Aztec wars had a battle where 200000
    soldiers fought.

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