Taking a historical perspective, there have been wars fought in earth's own
past that the battle field held forces numbering 120,000 soldiers. While
this is quite large and excessive, it can also represent the battle taking
place in multiple areas within the same battle zone.

During the American Civil war for instance, I believe the Battle of
Gettysburg/Monasis, (part 1) the Union forces numbered close to 70,000
soldiers while the confederates held a number close to 40,000.

Large battles to happen but the battlefield then usually encompasses miles
of terrain, not a hypothetical "arena" where the armies are supposed to



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One of my players brought up an interesting question yesterday. Is it
possible to have so many troops in an invasion force, that not all of
them can be used?

Now, I play a Hyborean Wars PBM, and the rules there dictate that an
army max.'s out at 30 units (though IIRC, their units are 2,000 men
strong!) and that the inclusion of a good general may bump up the max a
few units. Therefor, it is possible to invade Zamora for instance, with
30 - 35 units. (They also use the 30 max as an 'army' maximum, and
additional troops are assigned to different armies, with each nation
receiving 1 Imperial army for every three provinces it controls.)

So, I was thinking about this, and thought that the battle lines in
Birthright are rather chaotic to be sure, and as such, a single
general/command unit could not effectively control too many troops
either. As such, I was thinking that a max. amount of troops should
also be implemented when invasions are to occur. I was thinking maybe
20 units? That's what, 4,000 troops? Quite a handful for one general
to organize I should think.

For some bonuses to reflect the generals ability, I was thinking perhaps
a +1d4 unit modifier for high charisma (over 16 perhaps?) and maybe an
extra unit for strategy and similar warfare related NWPs.

What do you all think?


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