All things considered, after this incredibly long spiel, any regent that
doesn't come up with creative ways to tax their business partners should be
overthrown, he deserves it. Compared to the Columbus statement and the
exploratory trade venue there, well, he went to her because he didn't have
enough money to do that trade venue, kind of like a guilder regent with a
single holding in one province. Considering that Cerilia is about as big
Australia, Spain could easily house at least 30 provinces (probably alot
with no single massive trade organization in the early 1500s.

Happy Tax Time!
Tim Nutting

I agree 100% with Tim. I feel the trade route rules are fine and very
workable. The problem is simply, landed regents do not use the right that
is theirs to tax as they should. And who is to say a temple regent will
not be upset because a heathen is not paying his godly dues as well.

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