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    The Shadow Stone Novel

    I was wondering if anyone else had read this novel yet. If not I give it
    a very high recomendation. It may be a FR novel, but it was originally
    set in Cerilia and it really shows.
    Some things to look out for.
    - - Mentions that wizards are very uncommon
    - - The evil pyramid/temple suddenly becomes a tower (college of sorcery)
    in one passage (opps that must have slipped past the editors).
    - - The shadow world is used a lot (athough it has become the plane of
    - - Lots about the nature of magic (Mebhaighl has been changed to the
    - - The realy bad relationship between Elves and Humans, most un-FR.
    - - Banien's Deep suddenly poping up as a place name.
    - - An Investiture
    - - Lot of other stuff.

    I really liked it, especially compared to most FR novels I have read. Of
    course part of the reason I liked it was trying to guess the Cerilian
    names for the places mentioned in the book.
    I still think the forest that features in the novel is the Erebannien.
    Ed if you are around am I correct??

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    Ian Hoskins


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    The Shadow Stone Novel


    I haven't read this novel yet but I did want to make a comment. I thought
    this novel was originally set in Birthright for this year then moved to the
    Realms. Yet in the 1998 WotC catalog, it's listed in the FR section even
    though there is a Birthright section. So, this novel was moved to FR
    *before* the cancellation of Birthright? TSR has said they are looking for
    a way to bring back Birthright at profit yet they cancelled the hardcover
    campaign setting which would seem to be what they are looking for. All
    this doesn't add up to me and I don't like what I'm thinking.

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