Together with a player of mine we just have worked out the spellpoints system
according to S&M (the variants we wanted to use).

We decided on the defiler/preserver for the mages as they draw their magic
from the land.
With the following system.

Wizard spellpoints
Non-blooded mages draw 4 + 1/level per round
Blooded mages draw 8 + 1/level per round
Source-holding mages draw 8 + (1+sm)/level per round
sm = Source-modifier = Square Root of the source level of the source (if
any) they hold
in the province their in. (round fractions down)
Sielehr stones do count towards sourcelevels, leylines do not.
Rumour has it that mages with an Azrai-derivation and Awnsheglien know how
to defile the lands to extract even more power in a short time.

for example
Rheulaan Greencloak 20th level M-U has a source 9 in berhagen and a source 7
in unbraustadt
he draws 8 + [1+sqrt(9)]*20=88 in berhagen
and 8 + [1+sqrt(7)]*20=68 in unbraustadt
So the magic numbers for sourceholdings are 1, 4, 9

We decided on the channeler for the priests as they dare the conduits of the
power of their god. With the following system.

Priest spellpoints
Non-blooded priests use the normal rules
Blooded priests can add 1 to their level for determination of the
fatigue effects
of their casting.
Temple Holding priests can add the level of their temple holdings in the
province (if any)
to their level for determination of the fatigue
effects of their
casting. This is added to the +1 they already have

Bard spellpoints are resolved as per the rules for mages
Paladin & Ranger spellpoints are resolved as per the rules for priests

We feel that this system provides a good "Birthright"-feeling to the S&M
magic rules.
There is an advantage for the blooded in recognition of their divine ancestry.
Furthermore the regents have an advantage when they are on their home turf.
This in recognition of the powerbase they have established.
The net effect of these rules should inspire PC's to first built their own
powerbase and
try to diminish that of their opponents before the direct confrontation.
Thus making players play before they fight.

Any comments are welcome, Tony Lemmers & Jan Arnoldus

"May the silver light of the sacred Moon "You don't control
Mebhaighl you just
protect you from the Shadow World experience it"
and lead you to secret sources of power." quote attributed to Daegandal