Hope the Subject Line caught your attention. I hope someone on this list
(I'm writing the same letter to the Birthright Mailing List and the CC2
Mailing List AND the customer service at TSR/WotC of which have not replied
to my problem with Canadian orders, so I turn to you for help) can help me
out with my problem.
I purchased the CR1 when it first came out, so I understood that I would be
given a discount on the updated version when CR2 came out. So I filled out
the proper forms and received the appropriate email instructing me in my
next steps to purchase this new product. Cool. As I understood it, the
product would be selling US retail price at $59.95 and $39.95 for the early
release. Cool. I TRIED to place a Canadian order but it doesn't seem to
work. Without TSR/WotC replying to my query, I found an international
orderform added to the website (I might have missed this on my intial
visit). To make this story REALLY short, I just purchased the CR2 package
at my local store (why was I told it would be released after October 18th?)
FOR $113.00 Canadian which translates to about $70+ US. My question to
those who know is this: what was the suggested retail price for this
package? I have three amounts here (US funds) and I'm not sure if I should
be ticked off for the false advertising or feeling ridiculous because
either way, I got a slew of AD&D books PLUS two mapping programs for a good
Can someone help me out here.

Scott Beattie

BTW I do think this program ROCKS!!!!!!