I agree. Didnt the Spartans and the Athenians once fight a war with the
Persians where they were so badly outnumbered, that a junior officer told
the commander, "There are so MANY of them, that their spears darken the
skies....". The commander responded....."So much the better....my troops
shall fight in the shade." Cant remember the name of the battle, but I
think the Greeks won. If im confusing THAT battle with the battle of
Marathon, SORRY. The POINT remains...they still stood and fought, against
monstrous odds. Someone, incidentally, DID survive, or else the quote
would be lost to history LOL


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> From: Mark A Vandermeulen
> > I have -always- wanted to know just that! Would an army revolt if you
told them something that threatened their lives, like attacking an army 10X
their size, and if so, what table (if any) would be used?
> Sounds to me like a good time for a Charisma ability check--obviously
with bonuses for being a fighter-class, and penalties for being wizard or
rogue class. If the PC can make the check, he holds his army together
through sheer force of will and loyalty.
> Mark VanderMeulen
> vander+@pitt.edu
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