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- ->>> Query: I a regent of one country has in his army a unit of knights of
- ->> Haelyn,
- ->>> and say he attacks a neighbouring kingdom where haelyn's church has
- ->>> worshippers, do you believe the knights would agree with the regents
- ->>> to Attack? Or would they refuse on the premise that to attack would
- ->>> killing fellow worshippers?

As the knights are church warriors, I think the regent in this case would be
a priest, and therefor he would class the haelyn worshipers in the other
country as heretics and therefor would get the knights to even burn the
filled haelyn temples (if the priest managed to make a good lie why the
others would be heretics). If a "none religous" regent (as a Fighter, Mage
or Thief) would try to command the knights to attack one of their faits
holdings, they would automatically shift side.

- ->> I have -always- wanted to know just that! Would an army revolt if you
- ->> them something that threatened their lives, like attacking an army 10X
- ->> size, and if so, what table (if any) would be used?

Much depends on whats the win/loss are if they would surrender/revolt. You
can take a look at the last world war we had, the Finns fought an army which
was 8-10 times larger than the Finnish Army. The enemis size had no matter
as the an end where the Red Army would have occupied Finland would have ment
the end of the peoples freedom.

- -> I wonder that too. I also had a case where my PCs were Dhoesone and the
- -> guilders,etc in that area and the lead PC (the landed one) attacked
Thurazor. Some may
- -> Anyway, they kept throwing wave after wave of troops at the goblins.
They'd fight a
- -> battle and kill a goblin archers and wolfriders
- -> So he kept going on like that mustering more guys and sending them up.
- -> Well my point is, are there any rules governing loyalty and losing wars?

I haven't seen any such rules, but I think there would be a great use for

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