On Thu, 24 Sep 1998, Morg wrote:

> This sounds like a good system Mark. What happens if it is used against
> a PC however? (I'm thinking in terms of PBeM here). An NPC can be
> killed off with one blow easily enough, but what if the victim is a PC?
> Can he (and should he) be killed in one blow??
> In terms of home based play, these things can be role played, but in the
> PBeM that we all love so much, what then? I like the idea of the NPCs
> being able to do the same things that the PCs can do, but when it comes
> to assassination, players will likely be a little upset (to say the
> least) if BoB the terrible assassinates their reincarnation of Roele in
> a single stroke while they are asleep.
> Thoughts? Suggestions?

Couple things I can think of off the top of my head: include rules for
PC's to set up "counter-espionage" systems in their domains to impose
penalties on assassination: as long as they spend the time/resources on
setting up and maintaining the system, they get relative safety. Perhaps
they can hire a lieutennant "Bodyguard" who automatically takes the bolt
for the regent, but then the PC must hire another lieutennant as a Domain
action if he wants to maintain his protection. Could be a good way to
"suck up" domain actions from your opponents.

About the only thing I can think of for the "sudden death" problem is to
give the attacked PC a small e-mail mini-scenario with a binary output at
the end of it: Do you do A or do you do B? The DM knows in advance which
leads to death, and the response of the PC determines whether he lives or
dies. Or perhaps 3 options, that result in a.) death, b.) live but
assassin escapes, or c.) live and captured assassin.

"Tired from long hours of pouring over maps with your advisors, you
finally stumble into your chambers. Your chamber guards nod to you
sleepily as you enter, but do not wish you "good night" as they usually
do. Thinking nothing of it, you enter, and tiredly approach the bed.

Suddenly, you realize that the form outlined in the bed infront of you is
not your consort, but a treacherous assassin! Unfortunately, you have only
your table dagger to defend yourself. The Assassin has not yet moved, and
so may not yet realize that you are aware of your predicament.

Do you: a.) draw your dagger and fling yourself at the assassin, hoping to
take care of her before she takes care of you?
b.) make a show of yawning tiredly, mumble something about leaving
your slippers in the garderobe, and move casually for the door?
c.) call loudly for the guards?

The DM knows which outcomes lead to which consequences beforehand. At
least with the 3-outcome procedure the PC has a 2/3 chance of coming out
of it alive.

Mark VanderMeulen