Mark A Vandermeulen wrote:

> As long as it is successful and annonymous, the regent gets away with it.
> But I do make the perpetrator do three things. They either have to role
> play both the set up, the assassination, and the "clean up" of any details
> that would lead back to the originator. If they send a lieutennant todo
> their dirty deeds, I give the lieutennant three proficiency checks,
> one for the set up, one for the attmept, and one for the escape. The first
> check determines whether the lieutennant leaves behind any evidense that
> links the attempt to the regent. The second check determines the success
> of the attempt. And the third check determines whether the assassin
> escapes (perahps in three levels: escapes, is killed, and is capured alive
> and ready for magic/torture). I've never had PC's use this, I've only used
> it against PC's (I always make the attempt a role-play situation if PC's
> are involved, the proficiency check is for NPC's attacking NPC's).
This sounds like a good system Mark. What happens if it is used against
a PC however? (I'm thinking in terms of PBeM here). An NPC can be
killed off with one blow easily enough, but what if the victim is a PC?
Can he (and should he) be killed in one blow??

In terms of home based play, these things can be role played, but in the
PBeM that we all love so much, what then? I like the idea of the NPCs
being able to do the same things that the PCs can do, but when it comes
to assassination, players will likely be a little upset (to say the
least) if BoB the terrible assassinates their reincarnation of Roele in
a single stroke while they are asleep.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

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