: Date: Wed, 23 Sep 1998 04:13:10 -0500
: From: "James Ray"
: Subject: Re: [BIRTHRIGHT] - Re: birthright-digest V1998 #350
I personally dislike the fact they use STEEL for currency but if I may, I
will quote the "Tales of the Lance" explanation in the "World Book of
Following the Cataclysm, the steel piece became the standard monetary
unit for Ansalon, replacing the gold piece. Steel had become scarce and
was needed for making weapons and tools, and for reforging the war-torn
continent of Ansalon. Gold, because it was too soft for either of these
applications, became nearly worthless except for ornamentation.
So you see, it really doesn't make sense but that's how they want it.
No biggy. Just asked. BTW no one answered my call for help regarding the
order form for CRv2.0. I'm Canadian, and the form is only for Americans,
but the company has indicated they are accepting Canadian orders. So what
gives?? And don't suggest I write to customer service. I've done that two
days in a row. No response.


: Just to crack gratuitously on DL...if STEEL is so USEFUL, why would
: melt it down into coins? Gold and silver became the "mintage of choice"
: the "Real World" for one reason - they do NOT corrode. There ARE, on
: display in museums, two thousand year old gold and silver coins. How
: STEEL artifacts remain after such a long period of time?