The mere fact that the Knights Templar and the Roman Catholic Church worshipped
the same God did not stop the King of France and the Pope from lusting after
the Knights vast wealth. They "caught" the last Grandmaster of the Order
worhsipping a mumified hand or head (the stories vary) and accused him of
witchcraft and consorting with the Devil.

Strangely enough, and unrelated to the game, the grandmaster on his pyre cursed
both the King and the Pope, swearing that they would be dead before the year
was out. The king dies four to six months later (don't remember exact) in a
hunting accident, the pope fell ill about two months after and died of disease.
Mere coincidence?

There are other ways to deal with your enemies, and for any crafty regent,
assassination should be a last resort unless he is either brutish and stupid,
or, well, brutish and stupid. However, being crafty enough to come up with a
way to embarass your enemy and accuse him of wrongdoing, then prove it and
destroy his reputation will let you use his own people against him.

BR is great for many reasons, but among the foremost, at least in my reckoning,
is it treats faiths and followers reasonably and realistically. In Cerilia
there is no such thing as a unified church. They tried that and it died with
the Empire. Now, how many spliter faiths of Christianity are there, not
counting the versimultitude of cults that claim Christian belief? Perhaps that
was un-PC, so then change the words to denomination. I have litterally argued
whether my sould was damned to hell or not with a person becuase I was baptized
"wrong", and God would not "accept a heathen [like me]". Granted, the
individual was a religious bigot, but that is neither here nor there. The
point is this, such folks DO exist in Cerilia.

The Orthodox Imperial Temple does not like the Impregneble Heart of Haelyn, and
they fight, and they will one day go to war with their purists on each side,
and on that day there will be priests on both sides worshipping Haelyn and
getting their spells...

Now, lets bring this back around to assassinations. Haelyn is the god of
Courage, Nobility, and War. Assassination is none of those. The DM has to
decide for himself just what the god's response will be when his priest orders
an assassination. If it is a breach of faith, as I judge it to be (Haelyn,
being Lawful, will not make a distinction between the target being Good or
Evil, after all, he accepts Lawful Evil priests, as long as they are couragous
and noble) the action will be taken.

IMC I have a priest of the old gods. He claims to worship Anduiras primarily.
His goal is to re-structure the church using the old ways as a model. He
believes Anduiras to still be alive. In truth, he is. I have chosen to not
have the old gods really die, totally. What happened there is essentially that
the essences, ideals and spirits, the spiritual core of these deities, landed
in the human bodies of their followers. The raw power, bereft of form, could
only adapt itself to its new form, and assumed that these memories of the now
destroyed human being were what and who each was. The actual godly bodies,
their first forms, were shattered and cast adrift in the Astral, but the spirit
core stayed on. Well, with that out of the way, last game he chose an easy way
out and had a massive faith violation.

Rather than tell you the whole story, suffice it to say that the priest is now
suffering for having done his deeds. He must atone...

You as DM will have to make a call for yourself whether assassination is
allowed by Haelyn, and if it is, then, hey, your call. As far as sects
warring? Well, again in our history has there been a holy war over differences
in opinion about the one and only true God?

It is interesting to note that in the first Crusade when the crusaders took
Jerusalem, they killed more Christians than Saracens, all because they didn't
understand why these infidels were begging for mercy... idiots.

Good Gaming to you All

Tim Nutting