Brett Lang wrote:

> Greetings. Query: I a regent of one country has in his army a unit of
> knights of Haelyn, and say he attacks a neighbouring kingdom where
> haelyn's church has worshippers, do you believe the knights would
> agree with the regents orders to Attack? Or would they refuse on the
> premise that to attack would mean killing fellow worshippers? Second,
> how do you-all out there deal with the espionage action:
> Assassination? I am keen to year all ya responces. Thanx !

I make everyone role-play everything, so it would depend on how the
players played the regent of the Knights on whether they would attack or

As for the assassination: Same answer. I make them role-play out the
assassination. If they wanted to delegate it to a lieutenant or
something I'd probably rule that it automatically failed unless they
became personally involved, or that it came around and bit them on the
Kenneth Starr Report, if you know what I mean....