Well, shame on me for figuring I'd hear about the product before it was
finished with construction... I'm too used to the software industry... Anyone
else (aside from you Ed, you got your copy early... lucky) knew about this
thing coming out? Just curious as to when you knew and how much marketing I

I just got my copy of Core Rules v2.0. All in all, very nice, but I am
wondering if anyone else out there has figured out how to make the CG system
accept Player's Option: Spells & Magic, specifically spell points and the
alternative methods of spell memorization and casting in chapter 6.

I use Channeling in BR, and allow regents to add their total Domain Power from
Sources onto their spell points in a given day. Story wise, the extra
connection helps refresh and sustain the wizard while he uses his force of will
and powers of mind to work Lesser Magic, and helps sutain his own expended
energies when he works True Magic.

Tim Nutting