At one time I had made the write up for the paladin of Medoere but it seem
I no longer have them. Regardless here is a wealth of information on the
Silver Prince:



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Ian Grey wrote:

> In the "Players Secrets of Medoere" one of the domain adventure-seeds
> revolves around a holy sword the regent has access to but can't use.
> This sword is being saved for a "Champion of Medoere" - a Palladin
> (presumably) of Ruornil. Although no mention of such characters have
> cropped up elsewhere as far as I know, I get the feeling (from this
> adventure seed) that the diety may be interested there being a first...

I probably should have included this in my previous post regarding
This is what I used for Journal's paladins in my campaign:

Ruornil's paladins are neutral good. (This kind of suits the nature of the
god, IMO, as well as his priests whose alignment restriction is "any
It also rounds out the good aligned paladin list in the setting, giving the
possibilities a nice circular feel to it, which is nice....) They fight a
never ending battle to protect the sources of mebhaighl from destruction
against incursions of the Shadow world. They gain an additional +1 on
attack rolls and saving throws when the moon is in the sky, gain their
at 7th level rather than 9th and can turn undead as a priest of equal level
rather than two levels below their current level.

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