Awhile back, Carrie mentioned that Tony had sketched a better picture of the
Lamia. My campaign is reaching a climax, with the forces of Kozlovnyy
overrunning Cravengate and forcing the Lamia to bay. To this end, I'd really
really really really really really like a picture of the Savage Lamia. If
Tony would be willing to post it to the net, or make it available by some other
means, it would certainly be my time to buy when it's "Cold Gin time again..."
at GenCon- or buy dinner or whatever else is appropriate.

As an aside, I was dissappointed in the strength of Cravengate. I touted it up
to be this mighty fortress. It's a level 7 castle for cripe's sake! Well, the
player's seiged it for 6 months, fending off relief attempts by the Lamia's
allies (Orogs and the Raven) and knocking it down to a "5". Then, during the
latest relief attempt, they simply swarmed over the wall with their dismounted
knights. I had stuck Cravengate (the fort card) way in the corner of the
battlemat so they could only get to it from two sides. Each side had a wizard.
Even though the Queen's (sorry, the Lamia's), Dashid, was more powerful,
they basically canceled each other. The player's did some smart roleplaying to
gain some advantages so maybe they deserved to win handily. It did make a good
story- even if I wasn't ready for it yet. Maybe that's the most important thing, the story was good and I had fun because I don't know in advance what's going to happen in the game. I just wish I would have had time to think up some
more creative scenes to describe as the brave soldiers and PCs assaulted and
took the citadel.

Anyway, I was dissappointed at the ease with which a level 5 castle fell to an
assaulting force using the war card rules. Anyone else have this problem or
have a solution to it?