Hello all,

I have just uploaded the map the Ed drew for us Birthright Fans who were at
Gen Con of the Aduria continent. For the "official" version it is but a
sketch but at least it is something solid that we were given.

I also have include a topographical new map of Cerilia on the page as well.
This map I got from the Birthright Hero campaign that ran about 9 months
ago. It is a very good maps and provides a top side view of our favorite
land mass.

If anyone else has any new maps and needs space to post them, contact me
and I will upload the new maps to my site.

I do have CC2, and I have tried to make a map of Aduria following the
map(see above) borders and guidelines given on that sketch. My version at
a good drawing tough is poor and I feel of low quality for this arena.

Would anyone consider forming an online Aduria Project since we now have a
brief outline of the region of Aduria to further expand the region?

Just an idea.

As for making maps using the CC2 version on the Core Rules, when I get the
product, I will attempt again at doing so. The Core Rule v.2.0 CC2 seems
more user friendly that the original product, it would be an idea to
consider, but then again I am not an artist by any means. (aka..I could
see myself taping tracing paper to my screen and trying to draw through it
on my computer....shivers......eek)

Well, here the address for the above two maps.


The wording you will find is mixed with "earth" terminology as well as
Birthright. The only change I made was in the reference the Ed drew
regarding the Gold Coast, I had assumed this was to mean Africa's Gold
Coast with all of it's bright and dark histories.


At 09:13 PM 9/17/98 -0400, you wrote:

>I think it would be good idea for TSR ( and for the various game worlds )
>if TSR started putting maps of the various worlds up on their web site.
>Make them with Campaign Cartographer and this will encourage sales of CR2.
>I would love to have detailed maps of the various worlds that I could edit
>and print out. This would also be a way of making more BR material
>What do you think ED? Does TSR have any plans of posting a map of the
>week/month on their web site. Perhaps they can have a Best of the Net
>contest and post the winners to their site.

I think this would be a good idea, too, but ... yeesh--the time involved is
almost certainly prohibitive. We're fighting our way back to reasonable
schedules (slowly but surely); our cartographers and graphics people (who
would have to create or scan the maps and correct them) would not thank us
for this idea.

However, you mention CC.Maybe if people created the maps on the Campaign
Mapper (the CC version included with Core Rules 2) and sent them in, we
could post them. We wouldn't have to do much work, and it would feature our
CD. I'll have to ask. I'll try to get back to you on this ASAP.

Ed Stark
Game Designer, Wizards of the Coast/TSR Division
Asst. Brand Manager
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