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>>I would guess:
>>Offense 9 (based from the Magians riders)
>>Defense: 9 (see above plus low ac and flying ability)
>>Morale: B/S/Sh
>>Move: 4
>>Missile: 5 (simulates dropping trees and huge bolders)
>>Hits: 3 (max)
>>Inaddition depending on what rules system you use for breath weapons,
1 in
>>every three battle rounds any units it wishes to engage is effected by
>>spell "D" result to reflect it's breath weapon(s).
>>In addition I would rule, depending on the dragon's age, that in can
not be
>>engaged expect by magic, or flying units. (immune to normal missiles,
>>I am assuming it will be flying).
>>In addition the dragon would have some special considerations. Such
>>it's MR% which would needed t be checked when magic is used against
>> It's landing into a battle square...aka...smash those below. Not to
>>forget the dragon wold be entering the field with it's full slots of
>>spells and such.
>>Quite possibly in short, the most dangerous unit on the battlefield.
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>>Subject: [BIRTHRIGHT] - Dragons in battle
>>Does anyone have a system to simulate a dragon in a warcard battle? I
>>it would be worth several tough units alone, but how to quantify it in
>>warcard terms?
>That's a good mathematical representation. Here's my story-based one:
>1. Cerilian Dragon enters war card battle
>2. kills 1d4 war cards.
>3. During next morale phase, all units lose one morale symbol. Those
>no symbols left automatically rout. Those with morale symbols make
>4. War cards attack dragon. Unless someone has really powerful magic or
>artifact, return to step 2. If someone does have really powerful magic
>artifact, dragon singles that person out and we enter normal
>(person-to-person) combat until dragon kills that person (return to
step 2)
>or is killed by him (go to step 5).
>5. Dragon falls on hero with powerful magic or artifact, killing that
>person and destroying the magic. Bards tell tales of this great, heroic
>sacrifice, everyone celebrates the tragic victory, and a realm is
>after said hero. DM makes a note never to give out a magical item/spell
>that power level to any Cerilian hero ever again.
>Ed Stark
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