As a computer programmer the addition of the bloodabilities and tables for
them could take less than one day by one person to add to the product.

I think that it would make the product more worthwhile at the same time
demanding very little additional programming.


I would like to see it anyway.

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Dragon just published a preview of the new Core Rules v2.0 CD-ROM program.
in all it looks VERY cool. Just one thing... if they want to make it well
truly usable to all players, then it NEEDS to have a space, optional or no,
Blood Abilities and Bloodlines! I'm just afraid that there's no time left
the development process.

Ed, if you know anyone on the project, would you please drop them a hint.
real nice to be able to keep track of characters online, but it would nag
the still semi-loyal BR crowd if we couldn't track those as well.

Tim Nutting
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