On Fri, 28 Aug 1998, J. D. Lail wrote:

> Here is an idea that I have been playing with; A source that can not
> be tapped by a wizard because it has been "bound" to a purpose. For
> example a source (1) has been tasked to keep a small pond clean. The
> water from such a pond becomes Sweetwater. Tie in more sources and other
> effects are possible. A pond with very high level sources might do really
> mighty magics such as Regenerate and Restore. (or maybe not)

This might be a useful source for a "magely technology." Instead of
gunpowder and steam engines, wizard academics might develop "mebhaighl
cannons" or convert ley lines into "dragon paths." An appropriate (and
expensive) device of some craft (from 'engine' to amulet) must be
constructed, and linked to the device with a new and peculiar type of ley
line. The tied source effectively disappears (and the province's source
rating subsequently falls by one for all purposes except determining # of
possible holders). They could be highly useful devices, but would be very
expensive, and if used extensively, could really suck down the mebheighl.
It does kind of reflect the sort of "gee-whiz" wonder of some of Da
Vinci's contraptions, which would add an interesting flavor that some
might enjoy. What self-respecting wizard would be without one? What would
Aglondier come up with for his palace in Ilien? Harald Korien (?) is
certainly not to be outdone.

Mark VanderMeulen