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>I would guess:
>Offense 9 (based from the Magians riders)
>Defense: 9 (see above plus low ac and flying ability)
>Morale: B/S/Sh
>Move: 4
>Missile: 5 (simulates dropping trees and huge bolders)
>Hits: 3 (max)
>Inaddition depending on what rules system you use for breath weapons, 1 in
>every three battle rounds any units it wishes to engage is effected by a
>spell "D" result to reflect it's breath weapon(s).
>In addition I would rule, depending on the dragon's age, that in can not be
>engaged expect by magic, or flying units. (immune to normal missiles, and
>I am assuming it will be flying).
>In addition the dragon would have some special considerations. Such as
>it's MR% which would needed t be checked when magic is used against it.
> It's landing into a battle square...aka...smash those below. Not to
>forget the dragon wold be entering the field with it's full slots of battle
>spells and such.
>Quite possibly in short, the most dangerous unit on the battlefield.
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>Does anyone have a system to simulate a dragon in a warcard battle? I guess
>it would be worth several tough units alone, but how to quantify it in
>warcard terms?

That's a good mathematical representation. Here's my story-based one:

1. Cerilian Dragon enters war card battle

2. kills 1d4 war cards.

3. During next morale phase, all units lose one morale symbol. Those with
no symbols left automatically rout. Those with morale symbols make checks.

4. War cards attack dragon. Unless someone has really powerful magic or
artifact, return to step 2. If someone does have really powerful magic or
artifact, dragon singles that person out and we enter normal
(person-to-person) combat until dragon kills that person (return to step 2)
or is killed by him (go to step 5).

5. Dragon falls on hero with powerful magic or artifact, killing that
person and destroying the magic. Bards tell tales of this great, heroic
sacrifice, everyone celebrates the tragic victory, and a realm is renamed
after said hero. DM makes a note never to give out a magical item/spell of
that power level to any Cerilian hero ever again.


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