Here is another realm spell from the collection I was working on a
couple of months back. I have been a little busy so never got around to
writing them all up. Hopefully I will get the other 2 done sometime over
the next week.

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Tap Ley Line

School: Alteration.
Regency: 10 RP Req'd Source: 0
Gold: 1 GB Caster Level: 12
Duration: 1 domain turn

This spell allows the caster to temporally gain control of another
wizards ley line for the purpose of casting realm spells. The caster has
to have at least a 0 level source in the province, but their are no
other restrictions. What the caster does is effectively create a
temporary hookup to another wizards ley lines allowing him to draw on
any source connected to that line, no matter who it belongs too.
The wizard who controls the ley line will not detect this unless he
attempts to cast a realm spell in the same month as the caster of the
Tap Ley Line spell. When this occurs then the other wizard will know
that someone is tapping his ley line. Also if both wizard are attempting
to draw on the same force then their spells will fail, as their is not
enough Mebhaighl to power both spells.
Ley lines effected by a Protect Ley Line spell gain a saving throw vs
the effect in much the same was as when a Sunder Ley Line is cast on it.
If the saving throw succeeds then the wizard who controls the ley line
will learn that someone has attempted to tap their ley line, and where
the attempt occurred.

This spell was created by an Anuirean sorceress, Ivinie of Avanil, a
former student of the college of sorcery. She was said by some to have
been responsible for the explosion that destroyed the old tower,
although no evidence of this was even proven. Whatever truly occurred
the Ivinie was never seen again, and with her went the majority of her
work. Some say that her spell book still lies somewhere deep in the
ruins of the old college of sorcery, containing this spell and many
others also lost to the past.
Other rumours also speak of a staff created by Ivinie that allowed this
spell to be cast without the wizard controlling a source in the province
effected. The staff was said to contain a magical stone that allowed
Ivinie to cast this spell and several others in her repertoire at no
cost, and without a source holding. If this is true then it is an
extremely powerful artefact, and would give however controlled a very
powerful bonus over other regent wizards. Like Ivinie herself though
this staff appears to have been lost to history, and many now think it
lost in the ruins of the old college or destroyed.

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