On Wed, 16 Sep 1998, Complete Systems wrote:

> 5. Large concentrations of Iron cause 'dead magic' areas, causing
havoc with spells / magic items
> 6. 'Dead magic' areas work the same as high magic areas in that it
allows for a weakening in the border to the SW.
> 7. SW residents may discover 6. above and encourage tech' in some
places so they can break through 'en masse' (just thought of that one, it
may make a nasty plot line).
> Anyhow, this is how I deal with it in my campaign, hope it is if help
to others.

Now THESE are some really cool, innovative ideas. I may have to use them
myself. It gives a cool, almost necromantic, flavor to technology. Sort of
"messing with powers beyond your understanding." Infernal devices, indeed!

Mark VanderMeulen