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> I only noticed the problem when one of my gamers got hold of the plans
of a small fortified keep in >Wales, and wanted it costed out. In BR
terms, it would only be a Fortification (1) possibly (2) but >costs out to
about (8) to (9). Is there another costing system somewhere or have I
missed something?


I would be interested to know which keep they have the plans for.

The costs that you have got are upto 36,000gp I presume. The DMG 1st
has an indication that a small moat house or castle will take approx 14 to 20
months to complete. Is it being built in that time or less ? If not approx
half of the cost could be attributed to increased workers. I would presume
that the construction costs in the DMG 1st edition assume that the lord who
is having the work don, controls the local taxes and that they do not tax
workers. However, if someone is weathly enought to create a fortification in
someone elses realm then the overlord would not reduce taxes for the
workers thus
the castle building lord would likely have to pay an inflated wage to
attract the

Is ther overlord currently building any castles or fortifications at the
if he is then the castle buidling characters would have to create an
incentive for
the workers to disregard the overlords wishes.

If I was playing the overlord I would tax them or ask for a licence fee
would provide me with the funds to either build a similar fortification or
a unit of artillerists.

I do find the contruction rules artibtary, and prefer to use a mismatch of
other game systems like C&S 2nd edition for castle building.

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