>>Also... has anyone wondered why after so many millenia of society in
>>Cerilia the Holding Levels are so low but so easy to increase?

>Fram Daniel McSorley
>I think personally that the continent is just coming off of a period of
>war, and is entering a period of regrowth in 551 MR (that is the provided
>starting date, right?). Apparently, a whole bunch of regional conflicts
>all boiled over at around the same time, so everyone is now sitting around
>licking their wounds. It also explains why so many regents die off at the
>beginning of a campaign, they died in the war.

Whether you use Daniels explanation or one of your own it is a good idea
to explain why all of this sudden surge towards large domains will come
from. I like the idea of a huge group of mages that joined together to
keep sources from being ruled. This cabal lasted for 250-300 years after
Michael the R went down and recently went down when the leaders, a group
of half-elves, were harvested by the Gorgon.

> The max province ratings are low because the farming techniques used are
>medieval/ early renaissance, and can't support millions upon millions of
>people as easily as the chemical fertilizers of today can.

Fertilizer is not nearly as important as Weather Control and Insect Control.
If a very activest program of Plant & Weather & Animal magic was employed
a much larger yield would come naturally (imho). This is the sort of question
that TSR never addresses so you must roll your own.