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    To Buy or not Buy

    I was very curious about this and looked into it extensively during
    the period when TSR was shut down. As best I could find out the various
    boycotts (there were several unrelated ones) affected the company as a
    whole not to any great degree. Individual products and lines are of course
    another matter; several lines were imo affected and they fall into three
    broad categories; already weak (OA,DragonLance), poor products (GreyHawk,
    Mystara) or new concepts (Spelljammer,Birthright). You reap what you sow.


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    To Buy or not Buy

    Hey, you know, all I *really* want is a Birthright 2nd Edition book. That's
    it. Really. A simple, hardcover tome that has all the realms of Anuire
    detailed (if you haven't noticed, a *LOT* of realms were just "brushed over",
    such as Ilien, Thurazor, Alamie, the Imperial City, Taeghas, Brosengae,
    Rhoube, the Spiderfell, Mieres, etc..etc.), as well as expanded and revised
    rules. Really. I don't care if you print the second edition and then shut the
    line down forever, I honestly don't. All I want is the second edition, dammit.
    Is that too much to ask?!

    - - The Motive

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