> Maybe if you have a list of how units convert to miniatures you could post
> them? Hits probably could convert directly to Wounds, but what about the
> relative (attack/defense) skills? Armor? Do you just use the war card stats?
> I for one would be very interested. Also, what do you do about battlefield
> magic? heh heh, 'course after all that, you have a new miniature war system.
> You could be famous ;-)

Yes, please tell us! I play Warhammer too. (I'm building the "Ultimate Powerful
Mega armoured" army of the Empire).I can understand how the majority of the cards
could transfer into WH stats and vice versa, but the magic?? The magic is the
hard part I think. How do yoou account for the 'winds of fate' and the magic card
business? Do you make the players draw from the deck for their spells or have you
created the BR battle spell deck? Give us the details please....
I have at least a ton of lead in my basement, just waiting to hit the board as
soldiers fighting for the rightful heir to the Empire!

And just for the record, I'd really like to win the lottery too, and have Ed work
for me... or maybe, I could bribe Ed into letting me work for him
then......hmmmmm. I'd also like to be famous, but that's secondary to the Ed
thing. :) (Man's gotta have priorities.)

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