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>First of all, Ed, did TSR do anything relating to the entire Birthright
planet? Other
>than naming it.
>Oh, and I think I heard you mention that TSR did some stuff with Aduria.
I'd like to
>see it if it isn't too much trouble.
>Now I assume TSR didn't make a map of the world but I think it would be
nice if
>someone decied to make of map of Aybernis or at least Cerillia's
hemisphere (east-west
>that is). Take all the info on Aduria, Cerillia, and ?Thaele to make a
nice map of
>that hemisphere. It would be a nice addition to the Empires of Blood
since I see they
>lack a continental map.

I've got a map of Aduria that I'm hoping we can upload at some point. We
had not mapped any further for Aebrynis at large.

Aduria is larger than Cerilia, but not overwhelmingly so--about 50% to 75%
more, I believe (I still have to find the map). The southern equator
crosses its southern third, if I remember correctly.

>Finally, I have come up with a good answer to the previous didcussion of
"How big *is*
>Aybernis" or whatever it is called. As far as I know, it would have to be
>size. Since larger planets ave more gravitational pull than Earth, their
are two ways
>(as far as I know) it could be larger than Earth. A: Spin faster to
create more
>cytifical (Spelling, badly) force to counteract the gravity. or B: Have
the people
>built to the higher gravity.
>But A is bad becuase faster spin would mean shorter days (but would the
larger world
>compensate? physics/math people?) and B is bad becuase I assume everything
falls at
>the standard 9.8 m/s/s acceleration on Aybernis. Just wanted to let you
know of my
>scientific explantion for those who need a good reason (not "It is becuase
I am the DM
>and tough). :)

I believe Rich and Colin always intended Aebrynis to be about the same size
of Earth, with much the same physical characteristics (just a different
layout to the continents). That's always been my opinion.

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