I've long thought a "Living Domain" or"Living Regent" campaign would be
cool for the RPGA to attempt. I'm not sure exactly how the whole thing
could work (I've really never paid that much attention to the Living
City/Jungle/etc... campaigns since I was into BR when I joined the RPGA),
but I'd love to see it attempted. If you (or anyone else) have any ideas
about how to get this idea promoted, I'd guess a number of us would like to
see them.


Thomas Davidson, Jarl of Hogunmark wrote:
> I've been talking to Phake Archon (Lord Kierholt) of this very
> thing.
> The RPGA Network have these ongoing campaigns called "Living
> [something]" campaigns, such as "Living Jungle" and "Living City"
> campaigns.
> Perhaps we should push the RPGA Network to do a "Living Domain"
> campaign, or something like that. It is through the RPGA that I was
> introduced to Cerilia (of course, I had seen the keen advertising
> done when the set was released, but was never inclined to pick it
> up).
> Just an idea. Don't hurt me too badly. :)
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