: Sigh. I answer this question every month or so, but I guess that's part
: my job.
Sorry for making you answer that again but I had been off this list for a
while and it had casually been mentioned and I was shocked to say the
: I think the 'Core Rules' transformation and the 'Kings' optional rules
is a
: grand idea.
I like this idea, but wasn't that what they were TRYING to do with OPTIONS
High Level ?
Umm a couple more things here... I would think it would be a cool idea if
some people from this list came up with some stories of how Anuire would be
united again under a new Emporer. I thought it would be ironic if it turned
out to be a non-blooded character that would accomplish this. It would
certainly make a cool read on someone's website...
Also... has anyone wondered why after so many millenia of society in
Cerilia the Holding Levels are so low but so easy to increase?(I haven't
grasped the whole idea of holdings so I might be using incorrect
terminology here). And how come the province rating maximums are so low?
Are the Ley Lines regenerating 'cause it's taking a heck of a long time to
raise those levels??
Just a question or two I guess