First of all, Ed, did TSR do anything relating to the entire Birthright planet? Other
than naming it.
Oh, and I think I heard you mention that TSR did some stuff with Aduria. I'd like to
see it if it isn't too much trouble.

Now I assume TSR didn't make a map of the world but I think it would be nice if
someone decied to make of map of Aybernis or at least Cerillia's hemisphere (east-west
that is). Take all the info on Aduria, Cerillia, and ?Thaele to make a nice map of
that hemisphere. It would be a nice addition to the Empires of Blood since I see they
lack a continental map.

Finally, I have come up with a good answer to the previous didcussion of "How big *is*
Aybernis" or whatever it is called. As far as I know, it would have to be earth
size. Since larger planets ave more gravitational pull than Earth, their are two ways
(as far as I know) it could be larger than Earth. A: Spin faster to create more
cytifical (Spelling, badly) force to counteract the gravity. or B: Have the people
built to the higher gravity.
But A is bad becuase faster spin would mean shorter days (but would the larger world
compensate? physics/math people?) and B is bad becuase I assume everything falls at
the standard 9.8 m/s/s acceleration on Aybernis. Just wanted to let you know of my
scientific explantion for those who need a good reason (not "It is becuase I am the DM
and tough). :)

This also brings up an interesting possibility for other campaign worlds/ alternate
prime material planes. Low gravity. Your PCs Teleport w/o Error into another PM
plane to get a special item. Little do they know, it has less gravitational pull.
THAT would be fun. Imagine having a swordfight on the moon. Especially with
Claymores and bigies like that. Weeeee!

Guess that's it.