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    [BIRTHRIGHT] -This is the way I see it.(was Sh

    Craig Greeson wrote:

    > This, of course, wouldn't be my first choice. The Shadow World would
    > ideally be presented as a Birthright-only supplement. But if it's a choice
    > between letting Ravenloft players in on the horrors of the Shadow World or
    > not getting the information at all, I'd gladly share some of the darkness
    > with them.

    Well said Craig. The Ravenloft crossover idea would not be among my list of
    top 5 'love to see' either, but if it will draw more folks into the all time
    best Campaign World in published history, I too will make room on the bench.

    I must rant a moment here....

    I think the 'Core Rules' transformation and the 'Kings' optional rules is a
    grand idea. Everyone wins. We BR die hards get our new (and hopefully
    improved) rules, TSR gets to make money off a product that would otherwise take
    up shelf (or disk??) space, and the Ravenloft/FR folks unwittingly get drawn
    into the Birthright world.....muhhhHHAHAHAHAH! Which completes the circle, and
    Birthright is born again! (At least, in theory).

    I must confess, Cerilia is the first TSR product that I have purchased and used
    as is. I have bought allot of TSR material in my day, but Cerilia is the FIRST
    boxed campaign setting that I have used. Indeed, my own 5 years worth of home
    grown world material has all but been shelved! I play in Cerilia now... If TSR
    can get an old hack like me to put away his pencil crayons and hang a published
    map on my wall, then there must be something worth keeping in Birthright.
    I think TSR made the mistake of their lives by shelving BR, and sooner or later,
    they will figure it out.

    How was the sales criteria formulatted/forcasted? If TSR is basing the BR sales
    (and the time frame involved) by comparing it to the FR, then they deserve a
    humbling whack with one of James' mackerels IMHO.

    The times are different now. When FR first came out, AD&D was coming out of a
    long time lag. Greyhawk was old hat, and very little of what is now common
    practice in RPG game worlds had ever been done yet. So of course, once FR hit
    the shelves, all the players at that time thought 'WOW! What a great idea!
    There's life outside the dungeon!", and immediately went shopping.

    Think about it. How many campaign worlds has TSR published in the last 5
    years? Lots. How many of them are still around? Not many. The only ones to
    survive are the 'different" & 'unique' ones, just like FR was all those years

    Anyway, that's the way I see it.


    I meant to say "Uther" btw.... :)
    Thanks for pointing out my error folks.
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    your veins.
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    [BIRTHRIGHT] -This is the way I see it.(was Sh

    Absolutely everything Keith said ( goes double for me.

    Birthright is the ONLY TSR world I have _ever_ bought into. Because I think
    the AD&D system is a poor gaming model. Yet, because Birthright was so cool,
    I used the AD&D system for 2 1/2 years before finally getting conversions
    ready to go to a better one. But guess what? Birthright is *still* the most
    interesting and allows the most advancement potential for an individual player

    Obviously we are preaching to the choir here, but sometimes it feels good to
    tell someone you can interact with how much you appreciate the Campaign

    By the way, if Richard Baker and Collin McComb (sp?) ever get together again
    and design a camaign setting, I *really* wanna here about it! :-)

    - -DKE

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