> > I would like info on this also as I will be running a long adventure in the
> > shadow
> > world IMC. I would also like some info on the shadow world if anyone has
> > any.
> > Especially special monsters.
> > I have a feeling my PCs are going to have a strong dislike for undead when
> > this is
> > over :)

> I believe Birthright ShadowWorld Skelters and Zombires were created. These
> critters appeared in a Dungeon magazine adventure. I don't have my references
> with me now, but can anyone else help?

Ah, it seems everyone is in need of the Rjurik Necromancer's help these
days. Right. Skelters and Zombries originated in the AD&D 1st-Edition
module SECRET OF BONE HILL. Other than the DUNGEON adventure, they've
not seen reprint in 2nd-Edition, though they may appear in the MONSTROUS
COMPENDIUM APPENDEX Vol. 4 in December. Basicly they are specially
raised skeletons and zombies, made form low-level wizards/magicians,
which are still able to cast a few spells.
As for other, non-undead creatures that may inhabit the shadow world,
I'd include Gloomwings, Shadow Mastiffs, Shadelings, Shades, Scarecrow
Golems, and possibly Negative Elementals & Fundamentals from the RETURN