Good news for the Shadow world people. The new AD&D product "A Guide to
the Ethereal Plane" describes the Shadow World as part of the border
ethereal. Here I shall quote the passage:

"Natives of Cerilia call it's Border the Shadow World. The remnants of
an evil power's dissolution resonate throughout Cerilia, making its Border
a shadow World in truth. A body sees the adjoining plane in shades of gray
and black, and a certain physical chill exists throughout this Border
area.....distortion of what's real and what's not...changing
reality....entering or leaving the Shadow World....using travel such as
teleports.(with out error)...all can find themselves drawn into the Shadow
World....Houses the spirits of those who have failed to make the journey to
the outer planes....The Shadow world contains more....evils...and it
should....possibly due to the evil gods (Azari's) desolation..."

There you have it in this modified quote. Grab the Guide Book, I would
recommend before you run your SW adventures. It could shed some
interesting light on some things you might consider adding or changing. On
a similar note, it seems that all magic's dealing with
translocation....(dimension door, Teleport, Teleport with out error,
Gate...etc...[maybe evening summoning
summoning....summon shadow...?--my own thoughts] do have a chance of
bringing the SW to the caster or area of effect, or bringing the caster or
area of effect to the SW. A scary thought indeed.

Continuing, the passage refers to the many lost spirits are housed in the
SW and trough their own frustrations and that of the twisted evil
etherscape have become more and more dark and foreboding. Once I had
thought that the place would be filled with thousands of undead skeleton's
with undead Vampire and Lich lieges, mirroring Cerilia in their Quest for
the Obsidian Throne or I am while keeping some of that
vision, also am beginning to see something more. A surreal landscape where
spirit undead (ghosts, specter's, wraiths, shadows, demi-lich essences,
etc) all modified and made strangely original dwell in their forgotten
abodes morning their own loss or traveling with frustration and pain at
their situation desiring to see others feel what they feel. When I rift
opens to the SW they converge there to 'recapture' part of that life and
'afterlife' that they have been denied. Or worst yet, when a portal opens
into the main Cerilia region, you have the petty(maybe some might not be)
undead emerging in hopes of seeing the living and conquering them, even
when they are defeated (assuming here) and the portal does close....many
powerful 'lone wolf' variety undead would still be around, that would need
more than a common army to defeat. Imagine, the lost spirit of Michael
Roele one day returning to the Imperial City.....a Ghost of the Sinister
haunting the Vampire's Domain....

Plainly the book does say, if the spirits can't get to the outer planes,
they maybe trapped in the SW. Azari's dissolution pervades the SW, hence
making it a little more 'dark' that one would think. Living things can
and do live within the SW so we can not exclude this piece of information.

There just seems so much one could do with this topic.


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Tim Nutting wrote:

> Definition: Barrier that seperates the Shadow World from Cerilia.
> Does anyone have any more information than that? I know it was suspended
> Siebharrin the Lich to drive the Gorgon out of Sideath in Tuarhievel (and
> at the FX now)
> How can it be suspended or lifted? How can it be strengthened? How can
it be
> weakened?
> Tim Nutting

I would like info on this also as I will be running a long adventure in the
world IMC. I would also like some info on the shadow world if anyone has
Especially special monsters.
I have a feeling my PCs are going to have a strong dislike for undead when
this is
over :)

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