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> What do you use?
> Tim Nutting

I have converted the Fuzion system. It's based partly on Sean Patrick Fanon's
preliminary Fantasy Fuzion setting, Shaintair (which is to be released soon),
and partly on my own interpretation of Fantasy Fuzion. Of course I also have
my own conversions of Birthright specific stuff.

I saw Cormanthyr mentioned a short while ago. So if you that the High Magic
looked pretty useable as Realm Magic, you might like to take a look at my web
page. I have selected several of the spells and converted them to Fuzion-able
Realm Spells (readily convertable back to AD&D Realm Spells). The address is:

and click on Realm Magic Conversions. Or, go directly to the page with:

Dustin Evermore
(P.S. I would have posted them to the list, but I thought an URL would
clutter less for those who were not interested.)