: What the hell, it doesn't matter what we say anymore does it? We're just
: customers. (Well, we were till they dropped Birthright, neh?)

WHAT!!!!!???? THey did WHAT!!!!!??? I have been absent from this list since
May. What are you talking about? I thought they were coming out with a
hardcover of the BR world???? They drop BR and BRING BACK DARK SUN????????
Okay well it was my last purchase since they did this switch over (sorry
last DECENT purchase I made with TSR/WIZARDS). Well that sucks...

: I'm getting ready to purchase a 1st Edition AD&D Battlesystem set for use
: in my Birthright campaign. The reseller I'm buying it from also has the
: 2nd edition Battlesystem rules available.

IMNSHO I think BOTH Battlesystems were a waste of money and they might be
compared to the system in the OPTION rules... which I will get with the
Core Rules v2.0
That my not so humble opinion though...