Rumor or no, it's stupid enough I just believe it.

I just heard from my local RPG provider that TSR is up for sale... again. I
may just be spreading noise on the wind, but I tend to trust the shop owner,
we've been friends for almost six years and she's not prone to rumor mongering.
(Ed, Carrie, Rich, etc.: I know you cannot comment, I do not ask you to)


Wizards of the Coast appears to be trying to do what Marvel Comics did in an
ill fated attempt to corner the market. The notion is that all retailers must
buy direct from WotC with a minimum monthly order of $700.00. Okay - some of
you WotC upper echelons read this (Mr. Adkison, you there?). Learn from the
past, I know it's a strange concept, but hey, corporate greed isn't worth
destroying the RPG industry. Marvel tried the same thing with comics and shut
so many small shops down in the process because they weren't moving the minimum
purchase every month.

The shop I go to has already said that if this goes through they will stop
carrying RPGs altogether. The bookstore across the hall from where I work
doesn't even carry $1,000.00 in TSR & WotC stuff in the store, and I'd sure bet
they'll drop it too.

What the hell, it doesn't matter what we say anymore does it? We're just
customers. (Well, we were till they dropped Birthright, neh?)

Later all, mayhap Ruornil's wisdom will be granted to the decision makers and
this disaster shall be averted. Mayhap not.

Tim Nutting