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Date: Sunday, 6 September 1998 1:02
Subject: [BIRTHRIGHT] - Birthrite - Landed vs Temple Rights

>Regents of Cerilia,
>I ask for your guidance. Recently you debated on income for regents, pure
>cash or labor. Labor of fields and the like granted by overlords seemed
>logical, and so it seems (to me at least) for rulers of the faithfull.
>I'm mistaken, medieval Europe saw many religous leaders granted vast
>of land. Their income came not solely of tithes but of peasants,
>by knights, working land granted to the church.
>Would this be the same in Cerilia? If not, why not? Do the lower classes
>support their religion better than we do in these modern times (not that it
>would be a difficult task)?
>Based on this, is it logical for the temples to be obligated to support the
>ruler of the domain with X amount of troops/taxes for their holdings?
>Cheers from the Valley of the Sun,
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