Regents of Cerilia,

I ask for your guidance. Recently you debated on income for regents, pure
cash or labor. Labor of fields and the like granted by overlords seemed most
logical, and so it seems (to me at least) for rulers of the faithfull. Unless
I'm mistaken, medieval Europe saw many religous leaders granted vast amounts
of land. Their income came not solely of tithes but of peasants, supervised
by knights, working land granted to the church.

Would this be the same in Cerilia? If not, why not? Do the lower classes
support their religion better than we do in these modern times (not that it
would be a difficult task)?

Based on this, is it logical for the temples to be obligated to support the
ruler of the domain with X amount of troops/taxes for their holdings?

Cheers from the Valley of the Sun,