I have a few questions about this

1)What would happen if the source had a ley line on it? Could a more
powerful spell be cast upon it with extra power needed being conducted
down a ley line

2) If someone used the borrow source spell, would they be able to cast
a permanent spell using a borrowed source? Would the controlling wizard
be able to cancel any spell permanented on their source by a borrow
source spell.

3)DK Evermore suggested a permanent ward by the spell, would this mean
that your extension realm spell violates the 1 realm spell per turn
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> Gary V. Foss wrote:
> > A couple of possibilities: There should be a realm spell that a
> mage would use to
> > make "permanent" a spell of any level. This Tie Spell to Source
> (Alteration)
> > spell should allow the wizard to tie a source to a spell of 1st-9th
> level. The
> > source must be of at least the level of the spell. (Kinda neat that
> sources are
> > up to level 9, just like spells.... Coincidence?) That is, a
> source (3) for a
> > third level spell. A source can maintain as many spell levels as it
> has levels
> > itself, so a source (7) could maintain two second and a third level
> spell.
> Another thought or three for this realm spell. Cost: 1GB and
> 1RP/spell level of the
> spell to be kept permanent. 7th level caster. (I think 7th level is
> good. Whatever
> level a wizard has to be to cast Extention I, which I think is 7th off
> the top of my
> head....) Lastly, a source that is only partially bound can still be
> used to cast
> realm spells. That is a source (5) bound by a 3rd level spell could
> still be used to
> cast a realm spell requiring a source (2).
> I'm also thinking there is no reason why a priest regent shouldn't be
> able to do
> something similar in a temple...
> Gary
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