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A character in my campaign has made a new mage spell. It is a bit special - so I am curious what all you good people think about it. Please excuse any X-files resemblance...

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Arsenic’s Plague of Insanity
Necromancy: 7th

Range: Touch
Casting Time: 7
Components: VSM
Area of Effect: 1 creature
Duration: Special
Saving Throw: SA/Negates

This spell requires the juice of pressed umber hulk eye (each eye supplies enough juice for 4 castings of this spell). Upon touching a victim, the victim becomes a carrier of a magical disease (unless a successful saving throw vs. Soul Affecting is made). This disease is latent for 1d6 hours. During this time the carrier suffers no ill effects but the disease may be detected as a strong magical aura of the necromantic type. Once the latent period is over, the disease breaks out in full. The victim will become insane (treat the victim as under influence of the confusion spell, except that the victim should roll only once for the entire period afflicted). Furthermore, the eyes of the victim will change (this does not affect the sight of the victim). The eyes will contain moving patches of black fluid, running over the eyeballs. Anyone looking into the eyes of the diseased risk contamination, and if that person fails his saving throw, he will himself become a carrier of the disease (as described above). Once a carrier becomes diseased he will remain so for 1d20 days (adjusted by sanity bonus), insane and incurable by cure disease.

Note: It is not know if a carrier may be cured with cure disease (prior to the actual outbreak of insanity). Furthermore, it is not know if a person can be inflicted more than once, or if a successful saving throw renders the victim immune.

Sir Arsenic Grimand developed this spell during the siege of Markasor. It was developed in great haste, and insufficient field trials where conducted prior to the deployment of this weapon. This caused heated discussion between the generals and advisors to Duchess Cecillia because of the possibility that the plague would spread to the rest of the nation. This spell was also significantly different from the more physical body affecting spells previously developed by Grimand.
- - “Studies on necromantic crafts” of Bishop Michel Armand of Lathander

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