Good stuff... I'd actually rate him as a Lesser Power though. That is the
status formerly reserved for Demigods, now left kind of free. That PS
book is very interesting. Take a very, very, very close look at the list
of the Dead Gods in the back of the book and read the subtext on "Aebyrnis
Gods"... tell me what you think.

As far as blood powers? Perhaps, but I would say that in the intervening
1500 years, as time has passed and the orogs spread the word to one
another, then his power would grow. As an Abyssal lord he has the likes
of Grazzz't and Pazrael and Yeeonoghu to compete against, so gaining power
is up there. Torazan would also have mutated in form, especially if
classed as an Abyssal Lord.

Note: the Abyssal Lord is actually a monstrous entry, and I have the
pamphlet around here somewhere, but it doesn't really explain a whole lot
about how to make them. In essence, these suckers should be worth roughly
32,000 to 45,000 XP for a defeat in single combat and have HUGE gating

Portfolio? War, Chaos, Death, Domination, Hate.

Lots of "dark" spells, necromancy and such for priests, with granted
powers something like the ability to incite a blood frenzy in a battle
squad or something like that... maybe?

Otherwise, Kudos Dave
Tim Nutting