James Ray wrote:
> Maybe its assumed that the nobles who make up the unit have their own
> equipment. Werent knights usually of noble birth, anyway? Im not an
> expert in any case, but its a suggestion :)

Exactly right, at least by historical standards. In fact, one wouldn't
be made a knight unless he owned (the latest type of) metal armor, and a
horse (and all the equipment to ride and care for it) - which were by no
means easy (or cheap) things to own and maintain.

I would say that the 6GB muster cost is simply the food and fodder
needed for the feast that 'recruits' the knights into the lord's service
- - the knights would be expected to feed themselves afterwards (and the
2GBs maintenacne is to feed the horses when they are at their lord's
court when serving their mandatory garrison duty).