> Right, let's see. We've got Yeenoghu (lesser god of gnolls and flinds
> (anybody ever seen these on Cerilia?); p. 83 of Monster Mythology),
> Taragin (Rjurik demigod of necromancy/revenge; BR Netbook), Baphomet
> (lesser god of minotaurs; p.81 of Monster Mythology), and Kostchtchie
> (demigod of ice giants; p. 82 of Monster Mythology). As for Torazan, I
> don't remember the name from 1st Edition, couldn't find it in Faces of
> Evil: the Fiends, so I'd say he's probably some here-to-fore unknown
> fiend of near- to intermediate-power level that offers a mixture of
> Vaprak's and Bahgtru's portfolios (p. 82 & 46 of Monster Mythology)
> unless someone with Forgotten Realms books has more information.
> And please, don't ask how the Rjurik Necromancer knows all
> this stuff
> about dark powers.
> Alexander

I broke down and purchased "On Hallowed Ground" a Planescape Accessory
simply because it mentioned Torazan. What it says is basically what
everything else says that he is possibly the Orog Abyssal Lord.
So that got me thinking. Perhaps, and now I'm using a little DM discretion,
Azrai summoned a balor tanar'ri to lead his Orogs into battle at Mount
Deissmar for he was busy battling the other dieties. The balor, Torazan by
name, was untouchable on the field (of course with a +3 or better you too
would be untouchable) and the path of dead bodies he left in his wake would
be talked about for years by the Orogs. With each telling of the battle the
deeds of the balor would be increased elevating him from the hero to dietal
status. The Orogs, lacking a diety of their own, adopted Torazan, and have
been worshipping him since shortly after the battle at Mount Deissmar.
Now Torazan was a simple balor before the battle, the strength and energy
behind the Blood War in the Abyss. But he was touched by Azrai, as were the
Spider and the Gorgon and several others, and granted blood powers. With
these new powers and the recent worshippers, he has carved himself out a
level of the abyss.
His power is not of the level of baphomet, Yeenoghu, Taragin, or
Kostchtchie. I would say at most he is a near power, able to grant only up
to 3rd level spells.
I would definitley agree, his portfolio would have to include war, combat,
and I'd throw in territory as his power can only grow by having more
followers and that comes with territory.
As for Torazan not being preached from the rooftops by all the Orog priests,
he does not want to be summoned by some upstart mage and possibly be trapped
on Cerilia or some other prime material plane. Being summoned once was fun,
but being summoned every day when you have a level of the abyss to run could
really mess things up.
As for Torazan requiring his worshippers to be CE, I think he realizes for
him to keep control of a level of the abyss he needs as many followers as he
can get and he'll take them however he can get them. Anyways, NE is not
that far away from CE and after he has a firm hold on this level, he can
coax his priests into changing their followers to more of his liking.

All right, please let me know what you think. If I get enough good comments
I'll rewrite it and submit it for the NetBook along with a specialty preist
kit for Torazan.